Partner with Tom and create your own customized coupon search page for your website!

Give your users one more thing to visit everyday. Over half of the people who visit CouponTom are return visitors!

Step 1. Create an account
Step 2. After logging in, click on the My Account tab
Step 3. Choose a subdomain (ex. ) and add your logo.
Step 4. Add links to other parts of your site.
Step 5. Done!

Why partner with Tom?

Make more money! If you have affiliate information(,, etc...) I can add that to your account. Your information will be shown on your partner site every even day.

Drive more traffic to your site. Add five weekly ad items for a store and have your button added to the bottom of that stores page. You will be helping everyone find the best deals as well as drive traffic to your site!

Check out an example of a partner site -

Let me know what features you would like!